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Worry-Free Pricing


Worry-Free Pricing™ is our unique, innovative program that’s all-inclusive and predictable. There are no buy-in or endowment fees. We don’t use “points” or “tiers” or “levels” to calculate personal care charges. That’s a rare find in an industry known for complex and murky pricing structures and mandatory add-on care charges that cause numerous problems for consumers and operators alike. Rates are subject only to an annual Cost of Living Adjustment.

The following services are provided:

  • Administration, supervision and storage of medications (cost of your personal medications not included)

  • Assistance with medication management and activities of daily living
    such as dressing, grooming and bathing/showering

  • Staff member escorts to meals and activities

  • Verbal reminders for meals and/or activities

  • Assistance with setting appointments (doctor, dentist, beauty shop, etc.)

  • Caregivers available 24-hours

  • On site licensed nursing supervision

    *Subject to our residency and discharge criteria

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