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“It's hard to live in New Jersey, with a recently widowed parent living in Cincinnati.  While I can't move to the Midwest to care for Mom, I can rest easy because of the highly personal, supportive environment that Mom lives in at Mallard Cove.  The staff truly cares and has done everything imaginable to mitigate the necessary quarantines for COVID-19. While they are very protective of their residents and have put in place sensible measures, they are also increasing the level of communication and responsiveness to decrease the sense of isolation.  


Mom and Dad lived happily at Mallard Cove for six years.  Now that Dad is gone, Mom is grateful to be able to continue in a place that has become home.  She speaks with such affection of the staff, from the nurses like Marie who understand her medical needs completely, to Kennedy and Don who provide meals to her in the safety of her apartment.  That feeling of safety means so much to Mom... and me.


Mallard Cove is a clean, friendly, happy place where the staff treat your parents as if they were their own.”


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